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The best address for Eames chairs online. The iconic Eames DSW, the timeless Eames DAW, the stylish Eames DSR and many more Eames chairs for every occasion and any a great fit in any interior.

Our Eames chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames

The love for Eames chairs is within all of us. But, for most people the original Eames designs are quite expensive. Therefore we travelled across the globe to find the best and durable Eames chairs for you to enjoy. We visited a lot of different factories and the quality of the Eames chairs differed enormously. We are devoted to offer Eames chairs at an affordable price made with great care and of high and durable quality. The best of both worlds, a quality product to enjoy for a very long time and for an affordable price, so that you can shop for more modern or vintage furniture for your interior.

Charles and Ray Eames furniture

Known for their groundbreaking ideas and designs, Charles and Ray Eames belong to the most respected designers of the last century. Their designs are everywhere, in movies or tv-series but also in fancy hotels. The dining chairs are the most popular products designed by this duo. We dedicated our business on these dining chairs, because we love them. Design Eames chairs in every price range for every interior.

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For us, guarantee of quality is our main concern. We are therefore closely involved in the production of the chairs. A smile on your face is what we really want. Excellent service is the most important factor. Our customer service department is working day and night to fulfill the needs necessary for that smile.

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Eames DSW, ultimate eye-catcher

The dining table is the center of coming together with family and friends. Long dinners are the best and it is therefore important to have comfortable chairs. The Eames DSW is a great fit. It is not only comfortable but also very stylish. A great fit in every interior. Modern, classic, Scandinavian, you name it. The Eames chair DSW will shine everywhere.

Eames DSW Chair white
eames dsr chair white

Eiffeltower of chairs, Eames DSR

Its a classic. That's what we hear very often when we talk about this chair. The Eames DSR is designed with the idea that less is more. Two kinds of material and a minimalistic base. The Eiffeltower as a inspiration for stability and freedom of forms. Lightweight and robust at the same time.

Eames DSR Chair white
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Stylish Eames bucket seat

The Eames DAW chair is in concept similar to the Eames DSW. The difference on the other hand is its seating, the Eames DAW comes with a bucket seat. Designed as a dining chair but in theory suitable for any situation within any interior. The Eames DAW is a timeless chair and one of the most popular dining chairs of the last decade.

Eames DAW Chair white

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